Born in 1997, Graphic Designer and Typography practitioner graduate from School of Architecture and Design. Hold BFA in Communication Design and currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Interests in how graphic design and typography design plays a role in our culture and society. Ratchanon believe in the communication process which its try to search for an essential quality in things, through different design approach. The energy that was driven by the process of communication shouldn’t move people into the known, but rather make people perceive as if they witness it for the first time.

2019 - BFA in Communication Design
School of Architecture and Design,  KMUTT, TH

Group Exhibition
2019 - JAGDA International Student Poster Award, Theme - LINE
by Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc., Tokyo, Japan

2019 - Poster Exhibition “อนาคตการศึกษาไทย”
by ThaiGa Creative Showcase, Bangkok, Thailand

2018 - Bangkok Through Poster
by Kinjai Contemporary, Bangkok, Thailand